Alexy Turner


Spyglass Realty & Investments

2906 S 1st Ste 206 Austin, TX 78704

I was one of the lucky ones privileged enough to be born and raised in Austin, Texas. I spent many years of my childhood taking annual trips to the capital, listening to Stevie Ray, and eating at Threadgills. Being in real estate has only enhanced my appreciation for all the things Austin has to offer. It is my joy to be given the chance to share my knowledge of the city with others. I have a six-year old border collie rescue as my partner in crime. Together we explore Austin; hiking the greenbelt, swimming in the lake, or just hopping in the car and driving around the hill country. I am obtaining my bachelors in Finance from the University of Texas San Antonio. I have been in the customer service industry for almost a decade since I began serving chinese food at a little mom and pop place in Pflugerville, Texas.