John McCarthy

(512) 688-7433

Spyglass Realty & Investments

2906 S 1st Ste 206 Austin, TX 78704

Joining the Spyglass Realty and Investments team in December 2015, John McCarthy III is a 10-year real estate veteran and has built a portfolio that encompasses a vast array of residential real estate transactions.  A licensed real estate agent in both California and Texas, John has fostered a solid foundation of clients through referrals and successful networking. His desire to fulfill his clients’ specific needs coupled with his positive energy, strong work ethic, and unwavering passion to help people sets him apart.

John has the ability to build and maintain relationships, not just professionally, but also personally, in a way that is genuine, honest, and respectful. This ability enhances his capacity to effectively communicate with a buyer, seller, or investor to help ensure the smoothest experience possible.  In order to achieve the most desirable outcome for his clients, John collaborates with lenders, contractors, property management companies, and other real estate professionals and is honored to take on the responsibility of guiding his clients through one of their biggest financial investments.

John has a long record of successes in the industry.  After moving to Los Angeles, California from Sour Lake, Texas, John received the 2006 Re Max Rookie of the Year Award in Orange County. In 2007 he was featured on TLC’s hit house flipping TV show Property Ladder. He also started a property preservation company that renovated hundreds of foreclosure properties in the southern California region. As a result, he has acquired in-depth construction knowledge, property evaluation proficiency, and a creative eye to maximize a property’s potential. John has worked with a diverse clientele including first time homebuyers, traditional buyers and sellers, and investors. His experience also includes family relocation services and short sales. Putting a SOLD sign on a lawn or passing keys over to an ecstatic new home owner is one of John’s most rewarding experiences of being a real estate agent!

Only ahead of his passion for real estate is the core value that John places on family. Along with his wife and daughter, John has put down new roots in Austin to be closer to his family in Texas. He and his family have become avid explorers of the city, trying out new restaurants and checking out local music and neighborhood festivals. When he has spare time, John likes to golf, play disc golf, hike, and participate in any kind of water activities. He also enjoys hosting BBQs and grilling for his family and friends. 

As both a career goal oriented real estate agent and a dedicated family man, John has learned the secret to balancing his life so that he can be at his very best for the clients he serves and the family he holds so dear to his heart.